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Investment Management Firm

​Bridge Trade Platforms is a based independent alternative investment management firm specializing in the development and management of foreign exchange alternative investments for institutions and high net worth individuals around the world. The professionals behind our company have many years of experience in the trading, risk management, design and distribution of derivatives trading and related investment products. Underlying the Bridge Trade Platforms approach is the belief that - with seasoned experience and judgment - quantitative tools and qualitative measures used in tandem maximize the potential to meet investor’s expectations. The Bridge Trade Platforms team employs a rigorous due diligence methodology, highly sophisticated quantitative analysis and uses its extensive network within the hedge fund community to identifying high quality currency managers. The top managers at Bridge Trade Platforms are bankers, traders, funds managers with top 25 banks and actively doing their business on the highest positions as top managers of leading hedge funds, investment firms, and banks


Sale And Trading

Our operations have a proven track record in the sale and trading of bonds, stocks, and foreign exchange, as well as derivatives based on these financial instruments, mainly to institutional investors. In response to the increasingly diverse and complex needs of our customers, we are building up our trading and product origination capabilities to offer superior products not only to institutional investors but also to Retail and Asset Management divisions. Our Retail business offers investment consulting services to individual investors through an integrated nationwide network, call centers, and web-based services. These services meet the increasingly diverse needs of our customers by leveraging our superior consulting expertise and broad lineup of financial products.We are expanding our businesses by providing high value-added, bespoke solutions such as financing and provision of currency and derivative hedging instruments to address the individual needs of each client in each geographic region capitalizing on our execution and industry expertise.


We`re traders with direct access to platforms, ​ we work with direct investors and intermediaries

Unique Approach In Trading

Safety Of Investment

two-step strategy

​This unique investment program has been exclusively designed by our investment experts using a two-step strategy to guarantee the safety of investment principal while combining excellent high yield returns on the investment capital.

bullet trading

Regardless of global financial uncertainty or volatility, an investor’s investment capital is safe and guaranteed using a proprietary investment strategy based in part on using algorithmic trading, automated and semi-automated trading with guarantee on the investment capital. We also developed the investment strategies specifically designed for so called "bullet trading" on the capital markets and private placement for private funds trading. We achieved excellent results in the developments of a bullet trading strategies, very often profit may achieve more than 100% - 200% in a month. We utilize only High profitable trading strategies, speculative techniques, although for conservative investors we also have number of trading programs with low or zero risk and appropriate return on investments.

The investors who understand the risk management usually can achieve significant growth on their invested capital in a "bullet trading", along with appropriate level of risks management possible extract from the capital market`s fluctuation very solid profit in a short period of time, which usually start from one week and up to 90 days, in this case not necessary wait month or years to achieve the same results we can provide in couple of weeks, we can predict the situation on the marked today and tomorrow, we can`t predict market`s circumstances after several month or years, this is a main principle of all our strategies, we understand the live markets and we won`t predict them in a future. We always on the right trend because we follow with markets and extract the profit permanently.

This is all about "bullet trading" which give us excellent opportunities to have a huge profit in a short period of time, almost with zero risk on investments. This program available only for HNWI and UHNWI, all our traders have huge practice in a daily trading and understand the alternative investments and other related trading programs in a private placement trading.

The typical results of our daytrading

​One to two weeks (max. 90 days)

Two to three weeks (max. 90 days)

Three to four weeks (max.90 days)

Four to five weeks (max. 90 days)